Te Nana is Albanian and means At Mom’s

Te Nana is Albanian and means
At Mom’s

Our Pite is the Kosovar version of a dough pastry, also known as Burek, which is prepared mainly in the Balkans and Turkey and eaten in several variations.

Our Nana has been baking Pite the traditional way for over 40 years, perfecting the pastry in her own way. At birthdays, family celebrations and with friends, our Pite is the talk of the town, which is why we decided to share it with the whole of Switzerland.

Our dough is rolled out and shaped by hand wafer-thin.

For our Pite we use fresh Swiss ingredients.

We produce sustainably and avoid unnecessary waste.

We use recyclable materials for shipping.

Our production kitchen
in Egg, Zurich

In our production kitchen in Egg, Zurich, our Pite are prepared by experienced Nana’s, shock frozen and temporarily stored. Subsequently, the pites are prepared for shipment and handed over to Swiss Post for dispatch.

Enjoy Pite with a clear conscience.

For a better tomorrow, we aim to run Te Nana as an environmentally friendly and sustainable company. Only fresh and regional ingredients are considered for our Pite. During production, we avoid unnecessary food waste, and our packaging is recyclable.